i’m telling you it is a scientific fact that it’s impossible to just sit still while listening to 2 tone


fucking helll i’m tired

i just want to fifa




Joe Strummer and Johnny Rotten


Joe Strummer and Johnny Rotten

“It’s… Monty Python’s Flying Circus.”

Photograph’ by Ringo Starr

The whole thing was just so fucking sad I wish I wouldn’t have been there I wish no one would have been there I feel so bad for everyone but mostly Chuck Berry

Title: Long Shot (Kick De Bucket)
Artist: The Specials
Played: 609 times


The Specials - Long Shot (Kick De Bucket)

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Is Chuck Berry okay?

If you follow KC you probably have seen her posts about Chuck Berry as we went to his concert today.

Yeah. So. I don’t know even where to begin. The whole night was so bad. This is my two cents on Chuck Berry’s concert in Helsinki 23.10.2013.

Let’s start with the warm-up band. Now this is not Chuck Berry’s fault and he or his staff have most likely nothing to do with them but oh my god were they bad. They were so bad. We had to get out to the lounge and buy some beer because no one should be hearing that kind of stuff sober and they were boring me to death even when I was slightly drunk. Or as drunk as one with a rather empty wallet can be when the beer is so ridiculously expensive but again, not Chuck Berry’s fault this either. It tasted like pish too. Anyway. Couldn’t bear it.

Then the legend himself came on and everyone was happy. Yeah, everyone was happy until it became painfully obvious Chuck Berry wasn’t in his best health. The poor man couldn’t even string a sentence together, let alone sing or even play! Okay, he did play better than I will ever play but most parts of it was in the wrong key or something. It sounded dreadful.

He kept apologizing and we were explained he had been ill or something, he had this mysterious medical condition. Okay, fair play to him, he’s 87 years old and the fact he’s even alive deserves a round of applause. But he shouldn’t be doing concerts if he can’t. He really shouldn’t. I don’t expect him to jump around but I do expect him to be able to sing and play. 

It was painful to watch. And it was wrong. Why should he play in that condition? Why wasn’t the whole thing called off when clearly he wasn’t able to perform? It was so wrong to have him on the stage when it was so obvious he should be resting and getting better and it was so wrong to have the fans watch him in that condition. 

The fact the whole night was one of the most miserable nights of my life and that I had some actual tears rolling down my actual cheek while watching that unbelievably shocking tragedy they called a concert was not Chuck Berry’s fault. I love him and I respect him just the same after this night. I feel so bad for him and I’m sorry I couldn’t stay after the break they took because I had a bus to catch (I doubt they played after the break at all though, I don’t know, I’m curious to hear what happened after we left). 

Something went horribly wrong somewhere. I am angry at the people who made money on this shocking event I paid to witness, I am angry at the people who didn’t cancel it when they should have, I am angry at the people who drag the poor guy all over Europe when he should be in a rocking chair in Florida but most importantly I am seriously concerned about Chuck Berry himself. I hope he’s alright and I seriously hope he gets better. Because what I saw today was kind of daunting.

So yeah. That’s off my chest then.